AAA Rocks for Games - RGB Masked Workflow Tutorial

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AAA Rocks for Games - RGB Masked Workflow Tutorial

Casper Wermuth
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In this tutorial, we will go through the entire process of making cliffs for AAA games, using an RGB masked workflow, which gives us the desired texel density at any asset scale.

We start with highpoly sculpting in Zbrush, and end in Unreal, with masks from Substance Painter, and textures from Substance Designer.


2.HighPoly Workflow Overview

3.HighPoly Voice over Timelapse

4.LowPoly Retopo and UV

5.RGB Mask Workflow Overview

6.Substance Designer Detail texture creation

7.Substance Painter RGB mask creation


Total of 3 hours of video content.

This tutorial is for an intermediate skill level. We do not spend time on basic controls, and it's assumed the artist is already able to create basic assets. It's made for busy people who don't have time to watch 32-hour tutorials, but want a concise guide, step by step, in a relatively short amount of time.

I want this!

3 hours of video content, covering the full RGB Masked workflow for cliffs. Also includes the Unreal Material


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